CH. Silver Dream Mini's Bloody Mary- CHOVNÁ

(Moonbaby's Wolf Whistle x Moonbaby's Kirk of Silver Dreams)

Lokus M: normal/ non merle ( Tilia lab.) Lokus D: normal/ non dilute ( Tilia lab.)


Šampión šteniat SK, Šampión SK

- HD: A/A
- ED: 0/0
- CD: neg./neg.
- PA: normal
-SA, LTV: normal

- CEA: clear

- DM: clear
- HUU: clear
- NCL6: clear
- NCL8: clear
- NCL10: clear
- NCL12: clear
- RS: clear
- GG: clear
- GS: clear
- SN: clear
- TNS: clear
- EIC: clear
- VWDI: clear
- PRA-PRCD: clear
- CD: clear
- HC: clear
- CMR1: clear
- CMR2: clear
- CMR3: clear
- CMO: clear
- ERD: clear
- OCD: clear
- PLL: clear
- PLN: clear
- RD: clear
- MDR1: clear
- Myotonia: clear
- Factor V11: clear
- NCL5: clear
-CDPA, IVDD, CDDY: clear

- full teeth, scissors bite

Lokus A: at/at N/N
Lokus B: B/b; b/b
Lokus D: D/D non dilute
Lokus M: non merle
Brachycephaly: normal
Polydactyly: normal
Chondrodysplasia: normal
Coat: long, non curly
Tail: long docked

Hereditary eye defects: 2021, 2022 - all CLEAR : (Persistent pupillary membrane PHTVL/PHPV Cataracta RD Hypoplastic/micro-papilla CEA Entropion/trichiasis Ectropion/ Macroblepharon Dictichiasis/Ectopic cilia Corneal dystrophy Cataract non -congenital Lens luxation primary Retinal degeneration ICAA)