Nie je k dispozícii na krytie, momentálne žije v Nórsku ! / Not available for stud, he live in Norway now.

Gr.Ch. FHF Red Rock You´Ve Gotta Pay To Play  

♡ Šampión Slovenska
♡ Grand šampión Slovenska
♡ Klubový šampión Slovenska

- HD: A/A,
- ED: 0/0
- PA: normal
- OCD: normal
- SA, LTV: normal

- CEA, CD, MDR, HSF4, HUU, CMR1, NCL6, PRA-prcd, IVDD, CDPA, CDDY: normal and DM carrier
- Eyes: clear
- Merle gene: non merle
- Dilut gene: non dilute

- Red factor, tail docked
- Full teeth, scissors bite
- Very nice character, friendly with all :)